About Us

Mission: our mission is to increase website traffic through SEO strategy and online content. 

We work with small, medium and enterprise businesses, bloggers, and marketing managers looking to boost their online content value and website traffic. 

We focus primarily on writing SEO optimized content for blogs. However we also manage SEO as a whole. This means if you need help with anything specific we can lend a hand or consult. Whichever brings the best solution for your business. 

History: Innate SEO was founded 2016, originally named 'Lane SEO'. We have achieved great success on Fiverr and Upwork. Our attention to detail and knowledge of SEO has never deferred, we have only gotten better. 

Passion: our passion is with online growth. The founder Matthew Lane, is an internet marketing guru of more than 15 years. Internet marketing is the backbone of what we do. 

What we love most about the brand is our commitment to operating with a consistent, effective process. We take innovation very seriously and dive deep into any new marketing information, writing tips and tricks, SEO tips, and of course technology used to publish better content. 

How we operate: we operate online only, we communicate primarily through email.

We want to be the #1, go-to brand for SEO content and SEO strategy. 

Contact us for a 100% free consultation. 


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